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Please Support WMassP&I through Election Day!

Yesterday, Western Mass Politics & Insight launched its first crowd funding campaign. This effort is intended to raise funds needed to continue providing the news, commentary & analysis of this busy local election cycle, while staying up on the policy and politics in the cities and towns of the Pioneer Valley.

I know many of our readers visit WMassP&I to see what is happening in Pioneer Valley politics and policy. It is a point of pride that we are able to be that source and to offer it in detail for readers from Springfield to Boston and beyond. From our campaign website:

There are very few resources devoted to the granular details of municipal politics & policy and state law and elections. When questions arose about how the Quinn Bill and residency laws were affected by collective bargaining, WMassP&I broke down state labor relations laws for readers. At the height of the biomass debate in Springfield, WMassP&I was there with detailed accounts of both the Council andZoning Board of Appeals hearings. In the midst of an historic election in Westfield, WMassP&I dug into campaign finance reports, investigated the candidates and then explained how the result came to pass. In Springfield’s first municipal elections without a mayoral race, WMassP&I interviewed almost all Council candidates in competitive races. As a local state Senate race found itself before a state body, WMassP&I described the history of ballot challenges.

I hope you will contribute my campaign to help ensure I can keep this going through Election Day! Check out campaign video below to see what we’ve brought over the last eight years and see why we need your support now.

To contribute to our campaign, visit our campaign website hosted on  Thank you for your support!

Matt Szafranski, Editor-in-Chief.