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Jason Smith

Briefings: Richie’s New Buddy on Ways & Means Is Revealed…

Now that Republicans in the House of Representatives has elected a speaker—finally—the GOP could fill its open committee chairs. A House Republican panel selected Missouri Congressman Jason Smith, formerly the top Republican on the Budget committee, to chair Ways & Means

Richard Neal

Briefings: Appeals Exhausted, Neal Can Have Trump’s Taxes at Last…

With weeks to spare until the incoming Republican majority takes his gavel, Ways & Means Chairman Richard Neal is about to receive Donald Trump’s tax returns. In a brief order, the Supreme Court denied a stay of an Appeals Court ruling that the US Treasury Department can turn them over.

Richard Neal

Briefings: Neal & Committee Prevail in Court Again in Trump Tax Quest…

With the clock possibly ticking down on his party’s majority, a Washington appeals court has ruled House Ways & Means Chairman Richard Neal has a right to Donald Trump’s tax returns. The decision was the latest turn in a three year quest to obtain the real estate tycoon and provocateur’s tax records.