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Jason Smith

Briefings: Richie’s New Buddy on Ways & Means Is Revealed…

Now that Republicans in the House of Representatives has elected a speaker—finally—the GOP could fill its open committee chairs. A House Republican panel selected Missouri Congressman Jason Smith, formerly the top Republican on the Budget committee, to chair Ways & Means

Richard Neal

Briefings: Appeals Exhausted, Neal Can Have Trump’s Taxes at Last…

With weeks to spare until the incoming Republican majority takes his gavel, Ways & Means Chairman Richard Neal is about to receive Donald Trump’s tax returns. In a brief order, the Supreme Court denied a stay of an Appeals Court ruling that the US Treasury Department can turn them over.

Richard Neal

Briefings: Neal & Committee Prevail in Court Again in Trump Tax Quest…

With the clock possibly ticking down on his party’s majority, a Washington appeals court has ruled House Ways & Means Chairman Richard Neal has a right to Donald Trump’s tax returns. The decision was the latest turn in a three year quest to obtain the real estate tycoon and provocateur’s tax records.

Jackie Walorski

Briefings: Congresswoman’s Death Ripples out to the 413’s Reps…

The death of a GOP Representative reverberated across the country, prompting a wave of remembrances and mourning from congressional colleagues, including those that represent Western Massachusetts. Elkhart, Indiana Congresswoman Jackie Walorski died in an automobile accident Wednesday that also killed two of her aides. The