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Jackie Walorski

Briefings: Congresswoman’s Death Ripples out to the 413’s Reps…

The death of a GOP Representative reverberated across the country, prompting a wave of remembrances and mourning from congressional colleagues, including those that represent Western Massachusetts. Elkhart, Indiana Congresswoman Jackie Walorski died in an automobile accident Wednesday that also killed two of her aides. The

Richard Neal

Trump Judge Rules Trump Taxes Can Go to Neal’s Desk…

Slowly but surely the various branches of the United States government are lining up behind the disclosure of Donald Trump’s tax returns. On Tuesday, Judge Trevor McFadden, a federal judge in Washington, dismissed Trump’s claims to stop disclosure.

Ways & Means

DOJ U-Turn Puts Trump Taxes Nearly within Neal’s Grasp…

About two years after first filing suit to obtain Donald Trump’s taxes, the House Committee on Ways & Means may finally get them. Late last month, the US Department of Justice released a memo authorizing the Treasury Department to disclose six years of Trump returns to the Committee. This was a reversal from the prior administration, which, obviously, had no interest in having the records make a trip to Capitol Hill.

Ways & Means

Plotting the Ways & Means Forward in the 117th Congress…

SPRINGFIELD—President Joe Biden has raised the stakes on his presidency, laying out a suite of proposals from infrastructure investment to rebuilding the nation’s social support system. Many of these will soon land in the virtual and physical hearing rooms of the House Ways & Means

Neal & Brady

Briefings: Brady, Ways & Means GOP Leader, Retiring with Rank…

Come next Congress, the leadership of the Ways & Means Committee will be changing. No, there is no hint yet that Springfield Congressman Richard Neal is leaving. However, his Republican counterpart, Kevin Brady, will not be among the committee’s minority or its majority if the

Endorsements on Parade: Return Markey & McGovern to DC…

As America faces a stark and historic choice on Tuesday, Massachusetts faces many of its own. On the federal level, the 413 has two federal races ahead. US Senator Ed Markey faces Republican Kevin O’Connor, a lawyer and Representative James McGovern, a Democrat who represents


A Last Look at 2020’s First Congressional Money Race in …

Two quietly filed reports last week likely became the last word on the 2020 Democratic primary for the First Congressional District in Massachusetts. These campaign finance reports, which candidates submit to the Federal Election Commission, show the spending and fundraising activity for the final 20


One Final Accounting of First District Campaign Finances

UPDATED 10:59AM: For clarity on events from this month. As the sharp, bitter and increasingly embellished Democratic primary for the First Congressional district comes to a close, the money is now flowing on both sides. Congressman Richard Neal has never wanted for funds, but Holyoke