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Monthly Archives: June 2014

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Manic Monday Markup 6/30/14…

The Feds: We begin today in Washington, where the United States Supreme Court issued narrow, but highly charged rulings on contraception and the fate of public employee unions. In the Harris v. Quinn case, the Court questioned long-standing precedent that allows state prohibition against union

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Manic Monday Markup 6/23/14…

…And the World: We begin today in Iraq, where US Secertary of State John Kerry is calling for Iraq to unite to defeat ISIS, which has overrun much of the north and west of the country. The New York Times reports that efforts to have

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As Senate Sizzles, House Races Emerge from Hibernation…

UPDATED 6/22/14 7:22 PM: For clarity & grammar. SPRINGFIELD—By January of this year, it was clear that the area delegation to Boston was in store was some major revisions. Amid retirements, resignations, and a few part-term incumbencies, several high-profile races are due for the districts

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Manic Monday Markup 6/16/14…

…And the World: We begin today in Iraq, where Sunni militiamen and ISIS have taken another town and killed Shia Muslims there. Numerous reports suggest that airstrikes may very well happen. There is also talk of a special forces contingent. Perhaps more intriguingly, the US and