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Monthly Archives: August 2014

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Manic Monday Markup 8/25/14…

…And the World: We begin today in France, where the government has just resigned after a row opens up between the Economy Minister and the rest of the government run by Prime Minister Manuel Valls and President Francois Hollande. Arnoud Montebourg, the economy minister, criticized

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10th Hampden’s AQCA Debate Team Hunger Force…

SPRINGFIELD—Against the brightly painted enclosed courtyard of Classical Condominiums, the three Democrats seeking the nomination for the 10th Hampden House seat sat facing the crowd seated in stacking chairs. Few in the room probably realized that the last time the seat had a truly competitive

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Take My Council, Please: Allow Us to Clarify…

UPDATED 8/26/14 1:04AM: For clarity and for confirmation of the mayor’s signature on the home rule petition and to note Councilor Ramos’s abstention. SPRINGFIELD—The City Council awoke from its annual summer break to take up housekeeping items, largely financial orders for a host of capital

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Carlos Gonzalez’s Second Act in Political Life…

SPRINGFIELD—An open legislative seat in a predominantly minority area may come only once in a while. Very rarely does the same person have two opportunities within a relatively short period of time. However, with the woman who won it from him the first time now

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The DA Campaign of the Bambino…

UPDATED 8/19/14 5:24PM: For clarity and alternate candidate photo. SPRINGFIELD—Despite a fairly short legal career thus far, when asked about the top cases he prosecuted, the robbery of a Guatemalan immigrant came to Anthony Gulluni’s mind. The day after Christmas, “a guy pulled a gun

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Manic Monday Markup 8/18/14…

The Feds: We begin today in Missouri, where the unrest in Ferguson over the fatal shooting of an 18 year-old black teen by police has prompted Gov. Jay Nixon to call in the National Guard. While demonstrations were largely peaceful, a few instigators apparently moved