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Manic Monday Markup 10/27/14…

…And the World:

We begin today in Brazil, where President Dilma Rousseff narrowly avoided defeat in her country’s presidential runoff and a turbulent campaign. While the Rousseff era will continue, The Guardian suggests she will begin another term in the face of momentum shifting against her.

Ukraine’s parliamentary election are won overwhelmingly and unsurprisingly by pro-Western parties as parts of the the country’s more Russia-sympathetic East is unable to participate due to the rebellion there.

Secular parties appear headed to a win in the Tunisian elections.

Rob Ford is not on the ballot, but his brother is as Toronto decides who will be the national punchline leader of Canada largest city. Results show brother Doug Ford loses to John Tory.

As the US criticizes the latest East Jerusalem housing approved by the Israeli government, Opposition Leader and Labor party leader Isaac Herzog condemns Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and blames him for many of the country’s ills.

A portrait of the troubled man turned shooter who killed a Canadian honor guard before being gunned down in the parliament building in Ottawa.

The Feds:

Amid hysteria and fears of Ebola, Governors Chris Christie and Andrew Cuomo imposed a mandatory quarantine for all health care workers coming back from West Africa. Cuomo relented a bit first. After a Maine nurse quarantined without symptoms told her story to CNN, Christie backed off, allowing her to return to Maine to self-observe her condition, but with no apologies. Such actions, while effective politically (maybe), have been criticized as counterproductive and disruptive to efforts to fight the disease in Africa itself, which is the only way to end the epidemic.

The CDC releases new Ebola guidelines.

The Senate’s fate, if leaning toward the GOP, remains as uncertain as ever. Although it appears any hope for a non-GOP upset in South Dakota has faded. Kentucky’s two biggest papers endorse Alison Grimes over Mitch McConnell, for what that’s worth.

In governors, Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy addresses his unpopularity in an interesting way. Republican Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is grousing about a lack of support from the national party. The Detroit Free Press trash Gov. Rick Snyder in the same breath as they endorse him for reelection.

Checking in with congressional races, this one in the rapidly changing Inland Empire of California.

The State of Things:

The Boston Globe endorses Charlie Baker, but if anything it may only be adding to Martha Coakley’s stride. Like the gubernatorial endorsement in Michigan, the Globe’s reasoning seems flawed wishful thinking at best, with no real argument.

Meanwhile, Democrats tout 72,000 doors knocked in Massachusetts this weekend including nearly 8500 in Western Massachusetts.

Read up on Maura Healey’s campaign manager.

Checking in with the Second Hampden & Hampshire Senate race, our report from debates in Holyoke and Westfield. Also read Mike Plaisance’s takeaways on the subject. More Holyoke-centric, Aaron Vega faces a write-in opponent. In other news, decided minority of Holyoke ballots expected to have candidate name written in for state rep.

“Mahty” vetoes Boston City Council pay raise. Mayor Marty Walsh sent back to the Council their request for a $20,000 pay raise. It originally passed with 9 votes, just enough to override, but those 9 may not be solid.

Evan Falchuck lost his suit to get back into Worcester gubernatorial debate.

City Slickers:

The Springfield City Council voted to continue its appeal of a ruling reinstating Palmer Renewable Energy and retain former City Councilor and City Solicitor Pat Markey as pro-bono counsel. Full report from us soon.

The City faces another adverse jury verdict.

This item could go under Fourth Estatements, but hell, it’s good Springfield news. NEPR downtown studios go live.

Twitter Chatter:

So much going on this week and next (mostly crammed into Monday and Tuesday) that we must expedite our tweet prize this week, but fear not! No shortage of witty tweets and snark under the #necndebate hashtag, but since we did not include tonight’s Massachusetts gubernatorial debate, we award the tweet prize to Joanna Weiss, a Boston Globe columnist who summed up a common theme of this debate, indeed any debate with a note about non-sequitirs.