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Manic Monday Markup 10/20/14…

…And the World:

We begin today in Turkey, where the government has decided to allow Kurdish fighters within the country’s borders to aide Syrian city of Kobani. Turkish forces will facilitate Kurdish forces movement into Syria to resist the Islamic State’s attack on the city. Kobani has not been fully overtaken by IS and some have been attributed this to US airstrikes.

Former Australian Prime Minister Gough Whitlam died, prompting remembrances in the land down under. Although only PM for three years, Whitlam is being recalled as a figure who inspired a generation, and made sweeping changes to the country.

A plead for bribery in Brazil could rile the presidential election there.

NPR looks at the continuing difficulties young people are having find work in NPR, even in Tech which hold a lot of promise.

Israel potpourri: A conversion reform bill dies to placate religious conservatives, but not really. A Haaretz columnist says hyperventilating about Europeans action on Palestinians and the West Bank is not the country’s interest. An ex-Likud minister to form his own party.

Nigeria is free of Ebola.

The Feds:

California Republican gubernatorial candidate Neel Kashkari needed to infuse his campaign with another $1 million dollars of his own money.

A look at the reelection campaign of Eric Scneiderman, the New York Attorney General.

Despite the pullout of the DSCC from the ad market, Alison Grimes and Mitch McConnell are deadlocked.

Connecticut job numbers buoy incumbent Democratic governor Dan Malloy.

The State of Things:

Democrat Martha Coakley and Charlie Baker are campaigning down to the wire. In Framingham, though, Coakley took her message to the streets, door knocking and canvassing voters herself.

The Boston Globe looks at Ed Markey transition from senior House member to very junior senator.

Some takeaways from Masslive on the Easthampton debate between Don Humason and Patrick Leahy running for 2nd Hampden & Hampshire seat. The Reminder looks at another debate between the two, this one in Agawam.

City Slickers:

The Springfield City Council adopted a climate action plan resolution, which calls for the appointment of a city official to concentrate on applying and managing grants aimed at reducing the city’s carbon footprint.

Mayor Domenic Sarno’s call for legislation regarding offenders out on bail is getting press.

In major non-casino related economic development news, Springfield appears poised to play host to a new facility that will manufacture rail cars for the MBTA in Boston.

Twitter Chatter:

Good news for incumbents running for reelection is often just that. However, sometimes when the news is REALLY good, people cannot help, but be skeptical. That does not mean that for those that the news is beneficial there is no opportunity for a victory lap. Today we award the tweet prize to Mark Pazniokas, reporter for the CT Mirror a state political blog in the Nutmeg State. Pazniokas’ tweets not only sums up the news, but include that bit of snark we love.

-align: justify;”>The first was the correct assumption that the governor was taking questions in light of a positive jobs the report. The second, again correct, foretold the high speed spinning that would follow the jobs report’s release. And really, check out this tweet with a picture of the governor. There is just something artsy about it that almost made it win on its own.