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Monthly Archives: March 2011

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At Libya to Say…

Pres. Obama giving his Libya speech (White House) For a nation already overextended in Iraq and Afghanistan, it would seem foolhardy for President Barack Obama, a fierce critic of the Iraq war, to lead us into battle once again.  Yet, a little over a week

Take My Council, Please: Committee Can-Do!…

As Western Mass Politics & Insight arrogantly takes credit for starting the cascade of news stories about Scott Brown’s sudden love for family planning and women’s health, the Springfield City Council got short shrift again.  Monday’s meeting emphasized the importance of committee.  Much of the

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Our One Hundredth: UPDATE

**UPDATE** An update from yesterday’s Scott Brown post.  Less than 24 hours after WMassP&I noted Scott Brown’s disconnect from women and his vote for the House budget, which included a ban on Planned Parenthood funding, Scott Brown issued a new statement condemning the cuts.  The

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Our One-Hundredth: Insert Brown Pun Here…

Senate Seal (wikipedia) With the 2012 campaign underway, albeit somewhat passively, it seems appropriate for us to begin looking into the races (and THE race) that will define the 2012 campaign.    However, any discussion of Congressional races is up in the air pending redistricting, which

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The Insight: “Amaad” About You?…

Today we start a new series on WMassP&I called “The Insight” consisting of interviews of politicians, officials and other newsmakers within the Greater Springfield universe. Councilor Rivera (Facebook) Springfield, like many cities, has long been a place where politics is a contact sport.  Campaigns can

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Wisconsin’s Most Shameful…

Wisconsin Capitol (wikipedia) Not to bump off the Springfield City Council from the top of our page, but WMassP&I has learned from multiple news sources that Wisconsin Republicans have abandoned their longstanding belief that collective bargaining rights were a fiscal issue.  In doing so they