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Wisconsin’s Most Shameful…

Wisconsin Capitol (wikipedia)

Not to bump off the Springfield City Council from the top of our page, but WMassP&I has learned from multiple news sources that Wisconsin Republicans have abandoned their longstanding belief that collective bargaining rights were a fiscal issue.  In doing so they hastily sliced the money out of Gov. Walker’s budget bill and passed, possibly in violation of the state’s open meeting laws, the bill in a conference committee.  Per the Wisconsin Constitution, the 3/5 quorum is only necessary for fiscal matters.  A majority suffices otherwise, which obviousloy the GOP has. 

The Wisconsin Senate has since voted on it 18-1.  GOP Sen. Dale Schultz courageously voted against this boondoggle. Democrats were not even given notice to reconsider returning to vote on the measure.  While you may have differences with the Dems’ decision to bail, the nighttime, undebated and sudden passage of this bill is a travesty.  It proves that GOP negotiations were in bad faith, as the governor himself admitted in that infamous phone call.  Moreover, it all but assures the upcoming recall drives in Wisconsin will get nasty.  More when we can.