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After 10 Years, It Is Truly Mitt Night in America…

And so it came to pass. The epic goes unfinished. Troy did not fall. Turnus was not slain. Thus another story came to be. The White Whale escaped. Gatsby is dead…or at least his political career is. Today former Massachusetts Governor and 2012 Republican presidential

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Wisconsin’s Most Shameful…

Wisconsin Capitol (wikipedia) Not to bump off the Springfield City Council from the top of our page, but WMassP&I has learned from multiple news sources that Wisconsin Republicans have abandoned their longstanding belief that collective bargaining rights were a fiscal issue.  In doing so they

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Less Than You Bargained For…

WI State Capitol (wikipedia) The stalemate in Wisconsin is entering its third week and the second with little or no change since Democrats in that state’s senate took refuge in Illinois beyond the grasp of the State Police.  The entire ordeal has led both sides