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Our One Hundredth: UPDATE


An update from yesterday’s Scott Brown post.  Less than 24 hours after WMassP&I noted Scott Brown’s disconnect from women and his vote for the House budget, which included a ban on Planned Parenthood funding, Scott Brown issued a new statement condemning the cuts.  The new release, TWO WEEKS after the budget votes in question, put Brown more in line with statements by Senators Snowe, Collins & Murkowski.  Brown says “ the proposal to eliminate all funding for family planning goes too far” and affirms he supports funding for “family planning and health services for women.”
Nobody thought Brown opposed such funding.  However, WMassP&I did question his connection to everyday real women when he voted for H.R. 1 (the House budget) and then issued a bland explanation in the immediate aftermath.  Is it better late than never?  When the questions are one of women’s health, the answer is not always yes.  Scott Brown’s political career may need better odds.

This story was originally broken by the Political Intelligence blog on and Talking Points Memo.