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We Agree to be in Separate Parties…

After this weekend we will be exactly four weeks away from an election I hope will right this country from its path of destruction and denial. After so many years of faux religious piety, instead of real action, corruption, and policy decision favoring the wealthy, we need change.

Unfortunately, I vote in Massachusetts, where I feel there isn’t much to get excited about. Many candidates run unopposed. I’m not complaining about that per se. I am a huge fan of Richie Neal and would be heartbroken to see him lose to anybody, especially a Republican. There are a few piddling races and one state House race I’m looking forward to.

Since WMassP&I’s founding, I’ve spent little time on the governor’s race. As a registered Democrat, I am unimpressed by both candidates. Yes, there are two surprisingly visible third party candidates, but neither will win so I’m ignoring them, even though I’m not the mainstream media. Since my choice candidate lost, I’ve become less and less excited. Today, after reading the Saturday papers, which I HIGHLY recommend (many forgotten and occasionally interesting stories appear there), my frustration only worsened.

In today’s Globe, a front page story highlighted the candidates’ education positions. To summarize, Democrat Deval Patrick wants to invest more money in kindergarten and reducing class size; Republican Kerry Healey wants to focus on improving student performance and reducing the dropout rate by requiring students attend school until age 18. From what I gathered both candidates were open to the others’ ideas, with only misgivings about the details. There is an exception; Patrick opposes more charter school, Healey does not. All these options require money (from where pray tell?). I am not against spending money on compulsory education! However, as a college student, I wouldn’t mind if they sent a few bucks my way! lol.

This chasm of differing opinions just makes me want to sprint to my polling place! Sadly, this is not the only issue where their differing opinions point out my choice between the lesser of “Who cares?” On taxes, Healey wants to lower the income tax to 5%; Patrick wants to reduce property taxes. Both can be spun to help only the wealthy or lighten the load for the average taxpayer. Sometimes I wonder if we could make an exception, just this once, and have them reign as co-governors.

Then there is this first black/woman governor thing. This state already elected a black man to statewide office: Attorney General, and later, Senator Edward Brooke. Yes, regrettably he was, well is, a Republican, but this was also before Republicans were the sanctimonious, hypocritical, pandering, cheap jerks of today. The last woman we elected statewide was Shannon O’Brien circa 1998, but no major offices for women. My independent grandmother, frustrated as I am, is likely going to vote for Healey, or the “Sisterhood,” as she called it. NOTE: THIS IS NOT AN ENDORSEMENT OF KERRY HEALEY! My point? This, too, is immaterial.

In addition, if Patrick really is an outsider, and Healey really is a Republican, lol, little will change on Beacon Hill. The moderate State Senate will resist anything too radical from Patrick and the Democratic everything else will resist anything too Republican from Healey.

I don’t know. I’m all for voting with your party, but I’m also all for issues. I’m just not seeing that. It leaves me asking both candidates, “Together we can” do what?