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The Others Parts to the “Axis of Evil”…

North Korea, a pariah nation almost ever since the end of World War II, tested its first nuclear weapon in the Northern Region of the country early this morning local time. This nation, led by the questionably sane Kim Jong-Il, has consistently flaunted the demands of the world including its primary benefactor, China.

This event is not an immediate pretext to a nuclear armed North Korea, as Pakistan and India are. They are years away from delivering a nuclear weapon, but that is not the point. Unless contained, it will start a regional nuclear arms race and militarize the Asian Pacific to a level unseen since WWII. I fully support all diplomatic efforts to contain this unfortunate and dangerous turn of events.

However, I must say I am hardly surprised at this occurence. Kim Jong-Il has left six-party talks over the nuclear issue. North Korea refuses to come back until the US and its allies unfreeze bank accounts and such that essentially fund their nuclear ambitions. Kim and his military, in their zeal, refuse to debate their position calling this action their only alternative.

However, Kim’s insanity is not the sole reason for this escalation. I seem to recall not so long ago, out Commander-in-Chief including North Korea. Now while posing this term was diplomatically idiotic, and really only meaning Iraq because its leader “tried to kill [his] Dad!”. So what we had was Iran and North Korea going wild. I lay a great deal of blame for this event at the feet of our President and his “crack” team of diplomatic experts.

While America was debating the merits of invading Iraq, Kim’s country triumphantly announced it had nuclear weapons and was ignoring a deal it made with the Clinton administration years ago. Idiotically, the country babbled away about a country with no immediate threat to America. Yes, its leader was a bad man, but not an insane nor nuclear dictator. North Korea periodically would start screaming for attention, but we turned the other way looking east to Baghdad, while Pyongyang rose hell behind our backs.

North Korea has been a thorn in America’s side for over a half century. Its regime has outlasted many a US presidents. Pres. Bush did not ignore N. Korea, but he could have focused far more attention and resources toward a nation that could attack our boys in uniform right on their border. I’m not saying we should have ever given into their demands. However, Kim Jong-Il is smart enough to know that the best time to blackmail a superpower is when it has got its army bogged down in a quagmire. While the nuclear card was his final one to play, he could not be in a better position to get what he wants.

I’m kind of rambling on. I know. However, let me make it clear. Bush did not do enough to prevent this! We cannot forget that he and his Republican friends in Congress are partially responsible. Many must pay with their jobs this November. In the coming weeks as this thing unfold and more information is available, I will offer more informed commentary on this developing issue.

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