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Unspeakable Truths in Crime…

To begin, I would like to apologize about neglecting local issues in the face of national events. However, a number of things have been happening in the press and I can never resist an opportunity to lash out at those sanctimonious SOBs in power.

Just to touch on Foley, a regrettable pun I know, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer, Republicans in the Philadelphia area, as elsewhere, are trying to distance themselves from this collapse of morality from the moral majority. However, distance themselves as they may, we cannot lose sight of the fact that they lapsed in their duty to protect the innocent by installing and maintaining corrupt, incompetent, and conniving leaders of the Republican majorities.

Violent crime has dropped over the summer in Springfield. Police Commissioner Edward Flynn was cautiously optimistic about what this means for the city. Now I speak with still three whole months for things to change, for the year overall, but I, too, am optimistic that we may be able to shake off the disreputable and inaccurate title of most dangerous city in Massachusetts. We are already billed as one of the poorest, least fiscally stable, among highest unemployment, many unfairly.

Among the many things that the Urban Land Institute said was a need for better and positive promotion of the city. Who is going to locate their business in a city whose own leaders sound like those apocalyptic street corner evangelicals? I have to give Flynn credit for two things. One for being part of the strategy to reduce the crime and two for advertising it. Yes, I know many people do not like Flynn and he probably got the job through Romney as the Gov makes his way from Boston to, as he would hope, the Twin Cities (where the 2008 Republican Convention will be). However, you cannot take away from what he and Springfield’s finest have done.

Flynn also said something that, too many of the city’s politicians are to chicken to say; a lot of this crime is targeted. Yes, some of the crime, including the occasional homicide is random. However, the average Joe has nothing to fear in Springfield. It is unwise to walk through downtown Springfield, or really any downtown, at 2 a.m. alone, but unless you’ve got a hit out on you, there is no overwhelming danger. I do not mean to diminish the losses people have suffered in the violence, but all too often, these were not the deaths of innocents. It does not justify it, but it remains a fact that should be considered.

Its funny, in yesterday’s gubernatorial debate, the two competitive candidates could only hurl barbs at and over the Control Board, which it does deserve, at times. No real concrete solutions; just theater in my opinion. Its sad, the only person who said anything substantive, that the city’s economy needs rebuilding, was Rainbow Coalition candidate, Grace Ross, who hasn’t a snowball’s chance in Hell of winning.

Springfield PD, keep up the good work.

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