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What can I say? I mean, I intended to do a segment about national politics, preferably something civil and instead, I am here talking about how it seems a Republican member of Congress can’t keep his digital hands to himself.

Congressman Mark Foley of the State of Florida apparently engaged in lurid conversations with one or more under 18 Congressional Pages. Chair of the Caucus for Missing and Exploited Children, the disgraced lawmaker resigned this Friday after ABC News revealed the emails. While missing from his duties protecting children, he himself was exploiting them.

Hidden behind, but quickly coming to light, this gross and disgusting abuse of minor children is the inaction of the GOP. According to The Washington Post, high ranking House members including Speaker Hastert KNEW about this months ago. March appears to be the latest date they knew, some members’ knowledge going back a year.

Now, Foley has been in Congress for a while and incumbency means a higher likelihood of reelection. His district is also favored Republican anyway. But anytime a seat opens, the prospects of a party change appears. Knowing they faced a tough fight, Republicans would rather preserve their majority and, in my view, ignored Foley’s debauchery. So in addition to playing Scrooge when it comes to K-12, college, health, and more, Republicans can now list themselves as enablers to those who would harm kids. Hastert’s mug ought to be right up there on

Incidently, this weekend in Church, the Gospel mentioned how Jesus told us to pluck an eye or cut off a hand, which causes us to sin. Foley is the metophoric eye/hand to the GOP and they permitted it to fester! Their ulterior motive? An election. You’d think these holier-than thou’s in Congress would be familiar with that! Oh, that’s right, they don’t read the New Testament.

To Democrats’ credit, and amid controversy, they have sidelined Rep. William Jefferson during the investigation into his illegal dealings. The people of Louisiana may yet remove him, but still he, allegedly, sold his office and corrupted the democratic process. Foley, by comparison, sold his soul and corrupted youth.

In the meantime, we must not lose focus. Election day is only 5 weeks away. Moderates, like Foley, who have permitted the minority of the majority to control the election are in the crosshairs. Increasingly, the GOP is its own worst enemy. I had always hoped the scandal-heavy GOP would be their own downfall, just not at the expense of innocence.