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Take My Council, Please: A Pension Plan That Could Work…

As summer heats up, the Springfield City Council begins to slow down, holding fewer meetings than during the rest of the year. The body’s July 8 sitting was its only scheduled regular meeting until September. Despite the policy and finance-heavy agenda, there was little of major controversy before councilors last Monday.

Beacon Hill

Legislature Releases Revised Akers Age Waiver, Pension Cap and All…

On Monday, the Massachusetts Legislature’s Joint Committee on Public Service reported out the age waiver to allow Springfield Police Superintendent Lawrence Akers to serve until age 70. As WMP&I reported last week, the Committee redrafted the home rule petition, which the Springfield City Council and Mayor Domenic Sarno had forwarded in February. The Committee’s changes essentially reverse those the city had made.

Devin Sheehan

And the Holyoke School Committee Appointee at a Critical Moment Is…Devin Sheehan…

A joint session of the Holyoke City Council and School Committee met Tuesday to fill the vacancy created when at-large Committee member Erin Brunelle resigned. After interviewing applicants, the joint session voted to appoint former at-large School Committee member and onetime Massachusetts Association of School Committees (MASC) President Devin Sheehan to fill Brunelle’s spot.

Lawrence Akers

Akers Age Waiver Likely to Move on Beacon Hill Soon, but with Cap on His Pension…

The attempt to gut the Police Commission was part of a broader legislative package that would facilitate Lawrence Akers’s appointment as superintendent. Another piece was a home rule petition to let him remain a cop beyond the state’s mandatory retirement age of 65 and cap his pension. That bill, too, went to the rewrite desk. Now the original language could make a return.


Take My Council, Please: The War on Food Additives…

SPRINGFIELD—The Community Preservation Committee’s (CPC) recommendations for the coming year constituted much of the City Council agenda on June 10. However, consideration of the projects did not invite the rancor the other items before the Council did. 

A transfer of free cash to reserves veered off-topic and became heated. By contrast, the sale of a city-owned railroad parcel prompted a barrage of accusations and nonplussed the chamber. 

Avengers, er, Team Matthews-Kane, Assemble! (WMP&I)

Matthews-Kane Launches Rep Bid Vowing to Bring Home the Policy…and the Bacon…

WESTFIELD—While introducing Bridget Matthews-Kane Tuesday evening at the Shortstop Bar & Grill, former Springfield Mayor, one-time Governor’s Councilor and retired judge Mary Hurley touted the candidate’s biography. She explained how the three-term city councilor and State House hopeful has deep family roots here and across Hampden County.

Upon taking the mic to speak for herself at her kickoff, Matthews-Kane shifted to her granular work on the Council.


Take My Council, Please: Make Springfield Aggregate Again…

SPRINGFIELD—Eons ago on Monday, before the meltdown with the outgoing school superintendent, the City Council held a relatively uneventful meeting. What occupied the most attention was the Community Choice Power Supply Aggregation (CCPSA) Plan. The city entered the program on the initiative of former Councilor Jesse Lederman and is now lumbering toward realizing its goals.