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Take My Council, Please: Sound & Fury Signifying What?…

For weeks now, tension has been building among city councilors over the mayor’s budget.  Even before Mayor Domenic Sarno presented his budget two weeks ago, many councilors were almost livid over the process.  Consequently, when the budget faced its annual scrutiny Wednesday evening, it was

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The Insight: A Valley of Ashe’s…

Six months ago, as Springfield voted in the shadow of a year of bizarre weather that almost certainly affected the election, a potentially subtler electoral coup emerged besides Domenic Sarno’s landslide victory.  Even as the weather had scrambled the predictions of the city’s punditocracy and

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Take My Council, Please: Cheers & Jeers…

Monday was a day of minor victories, but also grim financial news and schizophrenic behavior at the Springfield City Council.  With three members absent, councilors debated a host of resolutions, put off several measures to committee and even took some further steps on ordinances.  Prior

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Take My Council, Please: Financial Cobwebs…

(WMassP&I) Under normal circumstances, Monday’s meeting of the Springfield City Council would have been a quick one.  There were few controversial items and councilors seemed in agreement about the diciest issues before them.  Rather, since the council had not met since January, a huge amount

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Not for Entertainment Purposes…

Under any circumstances it cannot be said often enough that we do not believe that Domenic Sarno has anything but the best of intentions for the City of Springfield.  We have often disagreed with his policies, but when we endorsed his opponent last November, our