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A Firetruck and a Mayor Walk into a Bar (for a Fundraiser)…

UPDATED 2:00PM: To include details of Commission Calvi’s letter and other investigations. SPRINGFIELD—Before his online commenting past became public, Chris Pohner, a retired firefighter, was Domenic Sarno’s candidate for City Council at-large. On the afternoon of September 14, Sarno was rallying the troops at Pohner’s

Analysis: Williams’s Two Hats May Mean Many Quandaries…

SPRINGFIELD—To the surprise of few, State Representative Bud Williams announced Monday he would not relinquish his City Council seat after being sworn into the 190th General Court last Wednesday. Resigning mid-way through his eleventh term would have deeded it to 2015 rival, Jesse Lederman. Claiming

Springfield Council chambers

Analysis: The Rusting Rule of Law in Springfield…

UPDATED 9:17AM: For grammar & clarity. Last week the Springfield City Council stood up and demanded that Mayor Domenic Sarno (as well as other appointing authorities) fulfill their obligations and appoint individuals to dormant boards and commissions of the city. As important as that public


Take My Council, Please: We Didn’t Start the Fire…

UPDATED 9:52 PM: NEPR reports confirm Mayor Sarno has signed the casino ethics ordinance. SPRINGFIELD—Amid some uncertainty about details in the new contract, approval of the city’s pact with its firefighters—the first in years—was nearly derailed as officials scrambled to secure the details. While ultimately

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Take My Council, Please: It Becomes a Term of Years…

UPDATED 2/14/15 11:35PM: To reflect a correction. The vote to transfer bond proceeds to overruns on other projects was originally reported to be 13-0. It was, in fact, 12-1 with Fenton in dissent. SPRINGFIELD—Finally holding a meeting after a rush of early-week storms scrubbed its typical


Take My Council, Please: An Opening Bet for the Public’s Trust…

SPRINGFIELD—A cautious, but generally supportive City Council approved the first step of a casino ethics ordinance Monday evening signaling more debate, discussion and possible amendment in the weeks ahead. Ward 2 Councilor Michael Fenton, the body’s president, and Ward 7 Councilor Timothy Allen introduced the

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Springfield Casino Ethics As More Than a Game of Chance…?

SPRINGFIELD—Fresh from being sworn in for a second year as the City Council president, Ward 2 Councilor Michael Fenton kicked off the election year legislative session with a casino ethics ordinance that has turned heads across the state and the nation. The ordinance, an amendment