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Do Svidaniya, Holyoke: Stitching Together Puello-Mota’s Russian New Year…

A little over three months ago, freshly relieved of his duties as a city councilor in Holyoke, Wilmer Puello-Mota was preparing for trial or a plea. Until he wasn’t. The state of Rhode Island was prosecuting him for possession of child pornography. Two days before he was to appear in court, his lawyer would much later confirm, Puello-Mota skipped town.  

Nicole LaChapelle

A LaChapelle Mayoralty & a Mayors Presidency…or What Happens When Making Plans…

EASTHAMPTON—Despite years of involvement with Democratic politics, it is no secret that the 2016 election was a turning point for Nicole LaChapelle. Two reelections later, LaChapelle will not seek reelection as mayor here next year, although there is another presidential election before that. 

“I was out at the Brass Cat and one of the bartenders is like, ‘Hey, Trump can be president again. Does that mean you’re gonna run again?’” LaChapelle recalled.


Take My Council, Please: Aspirations for a City on the Hill…

SPRINGFIELD—A relatively tame agenda before the City Council Monday quickly unraveled into much longer discourses. The body spent a considerable amount of time mediating on technical changes to legal documents. However, the body also had a pair of resolutions backing legislation in the legislature.

Former city councilor and now-Senator Adam Gomez appeared with Westfield Senator John Velis to discuss the firearm legislation.