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Manic Monday Markup 2/29/16…

…And the World:

We begin today in Ireland where a hung Dála (Parliament) seems the likeliest result after the senior partner in the governing coalition, Fine Gael, won the most seats, but suffered big losses. Their coalition partners, Labour, were nearly annihilated in the Dála. The social democratic party was hammered for supporting austerity budgets and new left-wing parties appear to have taken their votes. Fine Gael’s leader and the current Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenney will try to form a government, either with their longtime rivals, Fianna Fáil, or operate with a minority government. New elections are also possible, but probably not right away.

Argentina has resolved a dispute with its bondholders.

Iran’s hardliners were dealt a blow in elections, strengthening the hand of the country’s moderate president, Hassan Rouhani.

The United States proposes new sanctions against North Korea following the country’s recent nuclear tests. China supports the US’s bid before the United Nations Security Council.

The New York Times considers Hillary Clinton’s legacy in Libya.

Greece’s former firebrand Finance Minister is advising the UK Labour party “in some capacity.”

It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s Super Tuesday!

Tomorrow a huge clutch of delegates in both parties will be up for grabs as states big and small vote in the Democratic and Republican Presidential contests.

Both Democrats seeking the nomination are/were in Massachusetts today. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders will rally in Milton while earlier today former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton fired up supporters in Springfield and Boston.

If you have not already read our endorsement in the Democratic contest, you can find it here.

Republican candidate John Kasich was in Springfield on Sunday.

On the Republican side the party is in full meltdown mode over the possibility of real estate tycoon and provocateur Donald Trump winning the nomination. The establishment is trying to rally behind the tyke senator from Florida Marco Rubio, but it appears too little too late. Texas Senator Ted Cruz is banking on a big win in his home state to keep his campaign out of joke territory.

Trump also received an unexpected endorsement from New Jersey Governor Chris Christie who dropped out of the race after New Hampshire.

The Feds:

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, renowned for his silence during oral arguments, speaks. Meanwhile the High Court will hear arguments in a major abortion case.

Leonardo DiCaprio makes a plea to address climate change during his acceptance speech for winning the Oscar for best actor.

Back in the presidential race, Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse says he won’t vote for Trump if he’s the nominee.

Clinton is enjoying a huge bounce after nuking Sanders in South Carolina.

Some observers think California Democrats may be losing younger voters.

The State of Things:

Secretary of State William Galvin predicts high turnout for tomorrow’s presidential primary.

Worcester celebrates its 168th birthday.

Boston Globe reporter James Pindell tells WBUR that Massachusetts could be Senator Sanders’s last stand in the presidential contest. But the polls are shifting toward Clinton. However, there are still undecideds…

Our editor-in-chief Matt Szafranski and The Reminder‘s Mike Dobbs break down Super Tuesday and snakes on an island with NEPR’s Susan Kaplan on the Short List.

The Fourth Estatements:

MSNBC has parted ways with Melissa Harris-Perry after the weekend morning television host slammed the network in an email for repeatedly sidelining her and her program during the presidential season.

It’s Working:

Stop & Shop workers vote to authorize a strike amid contract negotiations.

City Slickers:

ICYMI: MGM’s changes to its Springfield casino’s design were approved by the City Council.

Details of Hillary Clinton’s visit to Springfield appeared on the city website. A huge no-no under state campaign finance rules. The mayor’s office called it a mistake and the images of Clinton’s visit to the city have since been removed from the city website and Facebook page.

Twitter Chatter:

From the serious to the silly, another shared prize this week. First we note Senator Sanders’s tweet condemning Donald Trump’s failure to condemn the Ku Klux Klan during a recent interview. Sanders’s observation that America’s first black president cannot be followed by a fellow traveler of the Klan was retweeted by his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, in a rare sign of unty.

But the other winner today is from an employee of Austin bar that came up with a special drink menu for Super Tuesday. Texas is among the states voting. At long last you can vote with your cocktail glass with these libations that seem pretty spot on for the candidates in this wild battle for the presidency in 2016.