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Briefings: The Donald’s Followers Rallying to Prove He Trumps GOP Field in the 413…

He may not be coming, but the campaign is. (created via wikipedia images and Pittsburgh Post-Gazette cartoon).

He may not be coming here, but the campaign is. (created via wikipedia images and Pittsburgh Post-Gazette cartoon).

With a commanding lead in the polls for the March 1 Republican primary, the supporters of real estate tycoon and provocateur Donald Trump will hold a rally on the steps of Springfield City Hall on Sunday. Having won three out of the first four primary contests on the Republican side, Trump is hoping to cement his position as the GOP’s frontrunner with a blowout win on Super Tuesday.

Former Longmeadow Select Board member and Republican activist Paul Santaniello, highlighted Springfield’s role in Shay’s Rebellion began in 1786, in announcing the 2pm rally in a press release he issued.

“The Trump for President Campaign has become a movement, a revolution so to speak, and it is fitting that this rally be held in the backyard of Shay’s Rebellion,” Santaniello said in the release.

Although the GOP frontrunner since last summer, his showman persona and xenophobic comments and proposals have earned him wide derision both within the Republican party and without. His recent victories have touched off panic within the GOP establishment and among other candidates, who ratcheted up attacks against Trump as at last night’s debate.

Always a colorful figure in American popular culture and business, Trump stormed the political scene earlier in the Obama administration by supporting the Birther movement. He later became an endorsement worthy of Mitt Romney’s pursuit in 2012, but Trump became a candidate himself for the 2016 contest.

The latest WBUR/MassInc polling shows Trump leading in Massachusetts with 40% of the vote. His next competitor Marco Rubio has 19%.

No longer a Bay Stater, but Scott Brown may be Trump's highest-profile endorses in #mapoli. (WMassP&I)

No longer a Bay Stater, but Scott Brown may be Trump’s highest-profile endorses in #mapoli. (WMassP&I)

Trump will not attend Sunday’s rally and as of posting time, organizers did not have a list of surrogates and high-profile supporters expected to attend, but the is intended to highlight his support in the 413. Trump has received support from state elected officials such as Whitman State Rep Geoff Diehl. Former US Senator Scott Brown, now a New Hampshire resident, has also endorsed Trump.

Despite the odiousness and bombast of his rhetoric, Trump has undeniably struck a chord with GOP primary voters swayed—or taken in by—his promises to tackle America’s problems.

Generally speaking, Trump has argued that he will succeed where others have failed because he is a winner.