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Manic Monday Markup 6/8/15…

…And the World:

We begin today in Turkey where amid possible voter fatigue, President Recip Tayyip Erdogan suffered a major political setback when his Justice & Development party failed to obtain a majority in Parliamentary elections this weekend. Erdogan, who was prime minister from 2002 until last year, had hoped to elect a Parliamentary supermajority that would approve to voters constitutional amendments intended to strengthen his presidential power. Instead, his party faces the prospect of forming either a minority or coalition government with the specter of early elections hanging over whatever government forms.

One the most notable features of the election was success of the People’s Democratic party, a left-leaning Kurdish coalition of women, gays and other groups, which crossed Turkey’s high 10% threshold and entered Parliament for the first time.

President Barack Obama, in Germany for the G-7, works to mend fences with his hostess, Chancellor Angela Merkel, step up his commitment to fight ISIS and counter “Russian aggression.”

Poles may be suffering from higher rates of disease due to their country’s reliance on coal to produce electricity.

A gubernatorial election in Mexico in which a first-time independent candidate appears to have trounced the opposition suggests voters south of the border are tired of the traditional parties widely viewed as corrupt.

The US Supreme Court has sided with the State Department in a case as to the president’s power to recognize foreign governments. In a 6-3 decision, it invalidated a law passed by Congress that required passports for US Citizens born in Jerusalem to read “Israel.” The executive branch has opposed this as the government does not recognize the city as Israel’s capital, a position dating back to the nation’s founding.

The Feds:

Over the weekend in Delaware, President Barack Obama offered a powerful eulogy for Beau” Biden, son of Vice-President Joe Biden, underscoring the bond between POTUS & Veep. Watch it in full here.

While further appeals remain possible, a Virginia court again invalidated the state’s congressional districts. If the ruling stands, Virginia legislators will have to approve new maps that unpack the African-Americans concentrated in one Richmond-based district, perhaps making more seats competitive for Democrats in the process. The maps skews heavily for Republicans now and Republicans control the legislature, but any new map would need to be approved by Governor Terry McAuliffe, a Democrat.

Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop is a rising star in Garden State politics and could make a run for governor, but an opinion piece by a Star-Ledger editorial board editor suggests the reform-minded mayor also engages in some more classic Jersey politics.

Staying in the Garden State, David Wildstein, one of the figures in the Bridgegate scandal says Gov. Chris Christie broke grand jury secrecy rules.

The South Carolina police officer who allegedly shot and killed Walter Scott has been indicted.

A former George W. Bush staffer warns his GOP friends not to attack Hillary Clinton over scandals as it almost never works. As Clinton prepares for a big liftoff in New York City, she has aligned herself with fast food workers promising to be their champion. Meanwhile, former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley tries to woo young voters.

The State of Things:

Did The Globe catch Charlie and Massachusetts Republcians with their hand in the federal campaign cookie jar?  A new reports says Gov. Charlie Baker and the GOP are at least shirking state law by using a federal campaign account to be pay of state campaign activities.

The Globe also looks into the row developing between Senator Elizabeth Warren and SEC Chair Mary Jo White.

ICYMI: WMassP&I was the first to report that West Springfield Town Attorney William Reichelt plans to run for mayor.

Holyoke Ward 1 School Committee member Mildred Lefebvre drops out of mayoral contest citing conflicts in her work schedule.

Congressman Richard Neal and his colleague Joseph Kennedy (D-Newton) tour sites in Springfield and Berkshire County today.

Also on WMassP&I, our interview with Longmeadow School Committee member Katie Girard up for reelection tomorrow.

City Slickers:

Bay State Medical Center is laying off 24 and leaving open positions unfilled.

The Springfield Historical Commission does not budge in its refusal of an owner’s requiest to demolish a historic Elliot Street property gutted by fire.

Twitter Chatter:

With the prospect of new elections again soon, it may be too early to close the book President Erdogan’s ambitions, but the success of the Kurdish-rooted People’s Democratic Party (HDP) cannot be overlooked. Not only did it empower an ethnic sector of the Turkey’s people that are somewhat disadvantaged politically, but it did so by empowering other underrepresented segments of society including the LGBT community and women. For this we award the tweet prize to the party’s English account, which featured a snippet of its co-chair victory remarks. In his speech, co-chairman Selahattin Demirtas, a human rights attorney, recognized, among many others, Turkey’s women, who were big part of the HDP’s bloc.