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Manic Monday Markup 2/24/14…

…And the World:

We begin today in the Ukraine, where Opposition Parties now control the government, stabilize the country and seek the arrest of effectively deposed and on the lam President Viktor Yanukovych.  Russia has lashed out at the West and Opposition parties for their instigating the “mutiny” that led to Yanukovych fleeing Kiev and breaking a pact signed only Friday.  Questions arise anew about whether Yulia Tymoshenko, freed from prison amid the weekend’s events, is really at the center of it all.  Indeed, has anything really changed in the Ukrainian government?  Meanwhile, eastern Ukrainians, who feel closer to Russia than the rest of Europe seem looking at their own alliances.  Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev says his country’s interests have been harmed. President Vladimir Putin, for his part, appears to be otherwise looking at the situation cautiously.  Earlier in the weekend, it became clear that this whole ordeal would become just another hurdle to putting the US-Russian relationship back on track.

In Scotland, the Scottish First Minister Felix Salmond and the British Prime Minister David Cameron, ready their arguments ahead of an independence vote later this year for the nation on the north end of the Isle of Great Britain.

Pope Francis announced a centralization of the Vatican’s finances, a move believed to be key to reforming up the Holy See.

The Ukraine is the only nation in conflict.  In Venezuela, protests there have erupted to a full schism such that both sides cannot even agree how many have died.  Secretary of State John Kerry spoke out against the government’s crackdown over the weekend. Reasonable question about Venezuela: Is Ukraine’s crisis sucking up all of the world’s attention?

Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, fresh from an intraparty coup that led to his premiership and forming a historic cabinet, urged the Italian Senate to support his reforms.

This happened: Iran’s foreign minister is facing criticism for calling the Holocaust a tragedy.

The Feds:

The longest-serving member of Congress ever, John Dingell, announced his retirement today.  Dingell did not want to get wheeled out of the House chamber, it seems.  His wife, Debbie, is a leading candidate to succeed him.  Also a top contender?  @LOLGOP. It could be a great idea.  Really!

Liberal frenemy and Democratic New York Governor  Andrew Cuomo’s campaign finance reform plan appears to be the real deal.  Indeed, liberal activists are even ponying up some money to help get it through the legislature.

After the death of State Rep Elaine O’Brien of Suffield, Connecticut Governor Dannel has scheduled the special election to replace her.

Speaking of Malloy, he was apparently in the midst of an interparty gubernatorial spat at the White House.  Though, from our vantage point, Malloy is the one in the right.

The Los Angeles Times reports that a San Francisco State Senator is proposing a bill to help tenants displaced by real estate speculation in the City by the Bay.  The city’s tech boom and has become an inequality flashpoint and reignited complaints that the city is becoming too much of a playground for the rich.  Oh and that happens amid news Google is not just running buses in the city, but opening up shop.  And the mayor in between “the two San Franciscos”

The US Supreme Court considers the EPA’s authority to make regulations about carbon.

The State of Things:

Deval for President?  Anything less than “Hell no” (and even then) is an invitation for speculation.

The Boston Business Journal blows the lid off of the Massachusetts Gaming Commission’s spending.  State Auditor Suzanne Bump says the Commission should adhere to state spending rules and that her agency will look into the matter.

Hampden County District Attorney Mark Mastroianni will get one step closer to the bench, when the US Senate Judiciary Committee votes on Thursday on whether or not to recommend his nomination to the full senate.

Papal news for Boston?  If “Mahty” that is Mayor Marty Walsh, get his way that is.

ICYMI: Aaron Vega announced his reelection bid.

Make your voice heard…if you dare.  Westfield Mayor Daniel Knapik found to have violated First Amendment in 2011.

City Slickers:

The City Council inhales.  New medical marijuana dispensaries rules were approved this evening 9-1.  Surprise, surprise. Ward 5 Councilor Clodo Concepcion was the square.

The Reminder’s Mike Dobbs gets there first with an interview with Ed Collins, one of the three Democrats vying to succeed Sean Curran in the largely Springfield-based 9th Hampden District.

Did you read up on last week’s Committee meeting on a Springfield Police Commissioner?  Did you read our report?  Just checking.  Okay, okay.  Here is Paul Tuthill’s report and here is Pete Goonan’s write-up.

Twitter Chatter:

We’re going for a laugh line today.  With the political season in full swing this year, it seems fitting that we would see candidates saying what they think or what they want voter to think the candidates think.   It is a delicate dance between being honest and what it takes to get elected.  Few skewer reality, particularly our political realities, so well as our friends at “America’s Finest News Source,” than The Onion.  Today we award the tweet prize the satirical mavens for highlighting this classic catch-22 in politics: speaking the truth is too often a mistake.