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The Annual Christmas Message of 2013…

Christmas Day is often said to be a time in which we hope for peace and joy and good will toward all men.  In a time when war rages in Syria and protesters mowed down in the Ukraine, it is quite easy to see problems overseas as the most in need for these prayerful hopes.

However, we can also view this need much more locally.  We seek peace in our hearts and resist impulses to have ill will toward others, even those who have hurt us or those who we think have hurt us.  To do otherwise is to ensure neither peace nor joy holds sway over our hearts.

Another important less is that we consider the balance of giving and receiving.  It does no good if we only observe the advice when times comes to give gifts around a tree.  Whenever we seek to use influence only to enrich ourselves or our friends, the rule is broken.  We must be charitable and find a way to give or find benefit for others.

Christmas may come only once a year, but it is our obligation to carry on its spirit every day of the year.