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A City Out from Under the Gun…

After  a year defined by piece-meal measures of debatable effect to rein in crime in the City of Springfield, two councilors are propsoing arguably the most comprehensive approach yet when compared to other efforts.  Early entertainment cessation and street closings have been the focus on city efforts, but have been criticized as either too small or gross counter-productive (by us).

Ward 2 Councilor Michael Fenton and Ward 7 Councilor Tim Allen will introduce a package of measures on Monday night to address crime in the city.  They range from new forfeiture laws for cars where illegal guns are found to resolves backing changes in Washington and Boston to curb the proliferation of illegal guns and crime generally.

Allen and Fenton are introducing three ordinances and five resolutions aimed at cracking down on gun crimes and reaching out to at-risk youth in the city.  The ordinances would empower the city to seize cars where illegal guns are found and use the proceeds from its sale to establish revolving funds aimed at curbing proliferation of weapons, funding community crime initiatives and develop an illegal gun tip line  One of the ordinances would also establish an advisory committee of mayoral, council and business owner appointees to develop strategies to fight crime downtown.

The resolves include reestablishing the city’s youth commission (it still exists, but has no appointees), urging tighter gun background check laws and requesting the license commission to establish guidelines for bar owners, managers and bouncers to deal with troublesome guests.

We will have more information as it becomes available on this subject.