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Western Mass Politics & Insight wishes you and yours a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  More generically Seasons Greetings.
As is tradition, WMassP&I would like to share a few thoughts.  Too often people tend to think of this Thanksgiving to Christmas period as a time of need, but truthfully the need is year round.  It is difficult to know if an increasing egoism in our society is to blame for a seemingly more prevalent indifference to this need.  However, under any circumstances, regardless of your position, we urge all people to give where they can and to think of others.  Common courtesy can go a long way not just now, but all year round.
For all our talk of individualism, our greatest work as a people, either as Americans or human beings, has come when we come together and work for the good of all men and women.  This can start with simply thinking of the little things you can do to improve the lives of neighbors, friends, and coworkers to donating time and money to worthy causes.
And so in the spirit of the season, again Happy Holidays to all in the Pioneer Valley and beyond.  Peace on Earth and good will to all men.  Tiny Tim said it best, “God Bless Us, Everyone!”