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Monthly Archives: January 2011

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Mayoral Moves vs. the Record’s Reality…

 **UPDATE 1-27-11: Jose Tosado has announced his run for mayor of Springfield according to WFCR.  Tosado was widely expected to announce his run this week.** Pres. Jose Tosado (Facebook) What do John Boehner and Jose Tosado have in common?  On spec, not much.  One is

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South of the Border: Joe Said “It Ain’t So…”

Downtown Hartford (wikipedia) Today we start a new segment on WMassP&I.  While the state of Connecticut is not our focus, its fate is inexorably tied to that of Western Massachusetts or at least that of the greater Springfield area.  Springfield and Hartford share  transportation infrastructure

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MLK, Jr Day at 25…

It has occurred to me that I have omitted the fact that today was the 25th observation of the birthday of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King.  This is especially troubling for me at least because the observation fell into what will likely be my

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Though Passion May Have Strained…

Yoda (Wookiepedia) “Fear Leads to Anger.  Anger leads to Hate.  Hate…leads to suffering.” It is not everyday that the words of Yoda of Star Wars is quoted in the face of a national tragedy, but it seems that the George Lucas character may have said it

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Arizona Democrat Shot…

Cong. Giffords in 2007 (wikipedia) Western Mass Politics and Insight is deeply troubled to report that Arizona Democratic Congressman Gabrielle Giffords has been shot.  The two term Democrat has just begun her third term.  Reports remain unclear as to motive, but she was shot along

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They’re Back…unless They Filibuster…

Speaker Boehner (wikipedia) The 112th Congress was gaveled into session in Washington, D.C. yesterday  Republicans took over the House of Representatives and swore in Ohio Congressman John Boehner as the Speaker of the House.  While a great deal of the GOP’s support came from tea