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MLK, Jr Day at 25…

It has occurred to me that I have omitted the fact that today was the 25th observation of the birthday of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King.  This is especially troubling for me at least because the observation fell into what will likely be my last direct address to the events in Arizona.

While I would be remiss to seek any posthumous approval from the slain Civil Rights leader, I would like to think that my comments today about cooperation, even among those of differing opinion, as well as a rejection of simple glib answers speaks to to Dr. King’s legacy.

It goes without saying that Dr. King’s legacy is unfulfilled, not the least of which because so many of our entire country’s problems are not solved through peace, but violence and war.  However, while there are certain benchmarks that we must meet if we want to do justice to Dr. King, in many ways his work, hopes, and dreams are not ones that necessarily lend themselves to total completion.  Rather, it is like “building a more perfect union,” a mission that is never quite completed, but full of rewards, a dream that never ends, but even so can be fulfilling.