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OH NO! ‘0-8: Obama…

For the past few couple of weeks, I have been posting sparingly as I attended to my studies. However, I should after the next week have plenty of time for new postings and hope over the winter break get my biggest feat yet up on the blog. What postings I have put up have been about Springfield, which is this blog’s primary focus. However, today I begin what will become a new segment: Oh No! ‘0-8. In case you had not guessed, Oh, no! ’08 will be discussing the inevitable 2008 presidential election.

Our first topic will be Barack Obama. The Junior Senator from Illinois has been a hot item ever since his superb speech at the Democratic Convention right here in Boston. However, the push to get Mr. Obama to run for president in ’08 has picked up steam in light of the Democrats’ decisive victory this past election. Let me say that I would be completely crushed if one day Barack Obama did not become President of the United States or at the very least gain the Democratic Nomination. However, 2008 is not his time. In my humblest opinion, both from a politically strategic point of view and a realistic point of view, Senator Obama must stay out of ’08, get reelected in 2010 and run for president at the earliest opportunity thereafter.

Many think that this primary fight is already going to be between Sen. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Star power this early in the contest means nothing as John Kerry, who was no where in the pools about this time four years ago and for quite a while afterward, pulled the nomination out of his nether regions. For me, since my pie-in-the-sky nominee, Senator Russell Feingold, will not be a candidate, I don’t know who I want. I will support almost any Democrat, unless some detestable creature gets the Democratic nod and Rudy Giulliani frontlines the GOP.

I like Sen. Obama because of his charisma, his amazing political experience despite his short electoral resume, and his substance. However, we cannot poo-poo the political experience part. One Letter to the Editor I read recently said that having Obama run, with less than four years in the Senate under his belt was good. Kept him in touch with people. I disagree. It is difficult, but a good Federal Elected official can be a servant of two masters: his state/district and Washington. Plus, Sen. Obama’s senior cohort, Richard Durbin, is a fierce debater and frankly, in terms of work in Washington, higher profile than Obama. Let Obama keep his roots firmly planted in Illinois to stay real. Durbin can hold down the fort against the “inside the beltway” crowd.

I suppose in part, despite how much America and Illinois love him, I fear that Sen. Obama makes a terrible mistake if he fails to finish out his term. Coincidently, this Obamamania is happening at the same time the movie Bobby has been released. It is not my intent to cast aspirsions on RFK. We really do not know what the world would have been like if he had lived. We do not know for sure if he would have won against Nixon. However, I do know that Bobby Kennedy was only four years into a Senate term when he ran for president. Obama doesn’t have a late president as a brother and US AG on his resume, if he chooses to end his term early. I just happen to feel that if a candidate wins and makes a commitment to his constituency, he should finish it. After the first term, there is more leeway.

There is also a danger that exuberent Democrats are forgetting by having a green Obama running for president. Obama ran and won without a strong opponent. While it is my opnion that he would have won even if his opponent was worth a damn, the good thing about lively opponents is they tend to clear the skeletons out of the closet. Obama’s potential oppponents’ deficiencies, Seven-of-Nine Actress Jeri Ryan’s abusive ex, and Alan Keyes and his absurdity, were obvious. A presidential campaign is the big leagues and if not in the primary, during the general, you know, even if McCain is the GOP candidate, an Obama candidacy will be Swiftboated by something.

I reiterate. Barack Obama absolutely should become President of the United States. He would, ahem, will make an excellent Chief Executive. However, a few more years in the Senate, a reelection, and time to steam clean that closet of anything that could be a problem are in order before that day.