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Information Center Shell Game…

This should not even be an issue.

The Technical High School of Springfield, which has sat idle since before I was born has a real chance ton become something more than a rotting hulk. However, legislative infighting over what is a done deal in everything, but name only, could doom this project.

My cynicism cannot help but wonder “what the hell?” Why is Representative Petrolati trying to push this thing over a cliff and into the minefield of Locating it at STCC Technology Park? Do not get me wrong. The STCC park has been a wonderful thing for the city in terms of offering a place for private investment. However, this center is not private investment.

By way of Urban Compass, David Panagore, Economic Development Director for the city, notes that the Info Center needs to be fully secure not sharing walls with third parties, having its own entrances, etc. STCC Park does not have that. The park is practically a city within a city, but a lot of space between the offices is communal, not quite ideal for sensitive state information. No wonder the price, underestimated as Mayor Ryan notes, is so cheap. Its not secure.

Is Petrolati trying to sway his colleagues to make an endeavor on the cheap only to discover it can’t be put there for security reasons? Where will this saved money go then? CYNICISM ALERT!!!! Is there something in Ludlow in need of the state’s famously tight money? Maybe the aborted Springfield Info Center?

Everything is practically set for this project. We do not need this! Put the CENTER AT TECH! END OF STORY!

It would wonderfully compliment the State Street Area Redevelopment. Between the Center, Library & Museums, Federal Courthouse, and more we could see some real revival, like eateries or stores to service visitors and workers.

I apologize for offending anybody with my cynicism, but it needed to be said. I mean really. What’s going on here?