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I am elated to inform those of you that may not already know that the Democrat have retaken the United States House of Representatives. Democrats are only one seat away from control of the United States Senate. Democratic governor’s nationwide have toppled GOP control of Governors’ Mansions, most notably New York’s Eliot Spitzer.

Locally Deval Patrick won the gubernatorial election of Massachusetts brutally pummeling Republican Kerry Healey after a poor run campaign on her part.

For the benefit of Springfield, Angelo Puppolo defeated his opponent Chris Leisey, sending another resident of Springfield to Beacon Hill to advocate for our city. Not to disparage the current holder of the seat, and State Senator-elect Gale Candaras. Her campaign to replace State Senator Brian Lees, now Hampden County Clerk of Courts-elect, is also a major victory for the city. Candaras has had a stupendous record of fighting for the city and will carry that with her to her new seat under the Statehouse Dome.

Also noteworthy is the election of Martha Coakley, current Middlesex County District attorney, to State Attorney General.
With the election of Puppolo to the State House of Representatives, the Springfield city council will have a vacant seat, which, per the city charter, will be offered the 10th place winner of the 2005 City Council election. If my information is correct, Jimmy Ferrera, placed just behind Springfield’s newest City Councilor, Bruce Stebbins, and assuming he still meets the qualifications (residency) will be offered the job.

In addition, our own Congressman Richard Neal will likely get an important subcommittee chair under Ways and Means, which itself will be chaired by New York’s venerable Charles Rangell. This will undoubtedly have a positive impact upon Springfield and Massachusetts at large.
John Olver will get the chair on the transportation subcommittee on transportation, treasury and a few other things. Mentioned as a reason for endorsement, Olver is a staunch ally of Amtrak and the beleaguered, but essential railroad, will certainly benefit.

Turning back to the national scene, Harold Ford all of 36, lost his bid for Tennessee’s open Senate seat against Bob Corker. Gracious till the end, I am sure that we have not heard the last of this rising star. Beaten by only 3%, he would be a worthy challenger for the next Senate race in TN
Sen. Bob Menendez of New Jersey beat back a stiff challenge by Tom Kean, son of a popular Governor. Some polls as recently as two weeks ago showed him losing or barely hanging onto 50%. He walked away with a a significant mandate by NJ voters.
Moderate, if not Liberal, Republican Senator Lincoln Chaffee fell to Democrat Sheldon Whitehouse after an intense primary and brutal general election.
Joe Leiberman retained his Senate seat despite Democrat’s scorning him over the summer. Ultimately, while the primary turned on the war, and really Leiberman resting on his laurels (he could have won the primary had he taken Lamont serious earlier) the general turned on experience. Pundits early this morning suggested Leiberman be given full admission to the Democratic caucus (that is become a Democrat again) in exchange for whatever he wants. I agree, like his tactics or not, he won and his vote is critical!
Santorum lost! Need I say more? Bob Casey is the new Senator from Pennsylvania. HE ran a great campaign and while pro-life, he far more progressive than his opponent.
So many races, so much good news!
Claire McCaskill defeated incumbent Jim Talent in a true campaign of issues leaving us all with a good taste in our mouths. Along with Amy Klobuchar of MN, the number of women, Democratic women, grew by two this election season.

Everybody has talked about this and humbly, she has sought to steer attention away from this issue, but Nancy Pelosi is seen to become the next Speaker of the House. She has earned it, too. After a rocky start as Minority Leader in 2002/2003, Nancy Pelosi has brought her big-tent caucus together to stand up to the administration and with Rahm Emanuel, Democrat of Illinois, fostered a message and plan to restore control of the House to the Democrats. Becoming Speaker for her is not just tradition, but also, in my view, quite a reward.

Thank you, Nancy, and thank you to all the millions of Americans who showed up at the polls and voted their conscious and for change. Congratulations.