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Missing Nat’l Endorsements!!!

I knew I was forgetting a few more states when I did my endorsements. I apologize to the McCaskill and Klobuchar campaigns for neglecting these two special ladies and future United States Senators.

Missouri: Claire McCaskill has had a long history in MO. She has a long history as a prosecutor and her experiences in the criminal justice system will carry over into the United States Senate to write laws that provide justice to both victim and accused alike. The people of Missouri and the entire nation can rely on her to provide an honest account of our nation’s funds given her tenure at the State Auditor. More importantly, she will provide a voice and vote free from beck and call of the White House, unlike her opponent. WMassP&I looks to see Claire McCaskill bring a respect and accountability back to the US Senate when Congress reconvenes in January.

Minnesota: Minnesota has had a history of electing excellent people to represent them and I trust that they will do so again. Amy Klobuchar is another successful prosecutor who can use that bring that practical experience into the halls of power, often criticized for their isolation. Echoing years of Democratic-Farmer-Labor principles, Amy Klobuchar will stand up for all Americans not just the well-endowed and pursue innovative solutions to todays more challenging issues.

Well that’s it for now. Local endorsements should be posted soon. Please do not hesitate to call friends and family to get them to vote for the right people in this most important election.

Till next time…