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Day One

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Western Massachusetts Politics and Pros website. I am happy that you could join me on the introduction to my blog. My name is Matt, and I will be your host on this adventure into the culture, politics, news, and so forth of the Greater Springfield area and all areas relevant to it.

Now, this website is commentary. I will report news in the process of editorialist the world, but it is not my intention to run the newspapers (which I strongly urge everyone to read) or network TV (which I watch, sometimes) out of business.

It is my tendency to support Democrats, but I am not above looking to indebtedness or [gasp] Republicans! Don’t worry, my friends that is unlikely unless Teddy Roosevelt and Fiorello La Guardia rise from the dead (maybe not the worse thing in the world). However, I encourage EVERYONE to keep an open mind.

My goals here are to expand the dialogue and discourse on the issues as many times they seem tragically lacking. I am not tossing out blame for this, not yet anyway.

Finally, I will be including links at the bottom of each posts relevant to my posts. Some will be informative, some are additional info, and some are just there to give the opposing side a voice. I hope to be back later today for the first REAL post, but now I have class. So…until then…

Today’s Links

Fiorello La Guardia

Teddy Roosevelt