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Where There’s a Way, There’s a Means…

 *Update, WMassP&I has learned the Democratic Caucus has rejected Neal’s recommendation from a steering committee.  Sander Levin will be the ranking member on Ways and Means. Western Mass Politics & Insight has learned that Cong. Richard Neal of Springfield has cleared a major hurdle to

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Pro Tempore Today…On Probation Tomorrow…

Fallout from the release of a damning report on the administration of the commonwealth’s Probation Department has finally landed on the head of State Representative Thomas Petrolati.  The Ludlow Democrat, whose district includes Indian Orchard in Springfield was the Speaker Pro Temp of the Massachusetts

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Surveying the Wreckage: The View from Beacon Hill…

Gustave Dore’s The Enigma More than two weeks from the election, here in Massachusetts too, bodies litter the political battlefield.  Their stricken bodies lay there, teeth still gnashed, fists clenched, and determined scowls plastered to their faces.  While more than a few Democrats add to

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Endorsements on Parade: Neal Gets our Seal of Approval…

Rock stars seldom come to Springfield, but between the screaming fans, packed seats, and the music of the Black Eyed Peas and the Dropkick Murphys, you would never know it.  Governor Deval Patrick and everybody on down in the Springfield area Democratic party were there,