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ICYMI: Clams and Politicians Come to Bake…

One section of the Crowd (WMassP&I)

Main Seating Area at the Clambake (WMassP&I)

Politicians of all stripes came out Wednesday for Hampden County Sheriff Michael Ashe’s Annual Clambake. The event was held at the Elks Lodge on Tiffany Street in Springfield, a change from its normal location at Six Flags in Agawam. Although according to attendees, it was less structured than in past years, the reviews of the event were definitely positive.

Although Ashe is a Democrat, the event is non-partisan in the sense that all are invited to come out, have a good time, and, yes, schmooze.

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In election years the event draws politicians, Democrat and Republican, from across the state and this year was no different. Virtually all members of the Springfield area delegation were on hand as well as Secretary of State William Galvin; Treasurer Steve Grossman; Lt. Governor Tim Murray; current Hampden County Clerk of Courts Brian Lees; Mayors Domenic Sarno, Michael Bissonnette, Alex Morse, Greg Neffinger; State Senators Gale Candaras Mike Knapik and Jim Welch as well as most of the areas Representatives. Also on hand were political activists, city councilors from throughout the region and friends and well-wishers of Ashe.

Candidates were also abundant. All four Democrats vying for the Hampden County Clerk of Court seat were present as well as Congressman Richard Neal, running for the Democratic nomination in the new 1st Congressional District.  Governors Council candidate Kevin Sullivan was also there.

Elizabeth Warren, the Democrats nominee to challenge Scott Brown in November also stopped by. Warren arrived just as the largest crowds were showing up and stayed for about an hour shaking hands and meeting many of the Valley’s local officials as well as everyday people who come to the clambake. Republican Scott Brown, who like all politicians was welcome, could not attend as he was attending a fundraiser in New York City with Wall Street financiers and other Republican money-men at the home of that city’s billionaire mayor, Michael Bloomberg.

Here are some highlights.

Holyoke Mayor Alex Morse, New England Farm Workers Council Head Heriberto Flores, Secretary of State Bill Galvin, & Sherrif Michael Ashe (WMassP&I)

Lt. Gov. Tim Murray at center (WMassP&I)

At-Large School Chicopee Committee Member Michael Pise, Cong. Richard Neal, National Night Out Chicopee Chair Jean Fitzgerald; Ward 5 Chicopee School Committee Member Deborah Styckiewicz & US Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren (WMassP&I)

Rep. Mike Finn at Left while US Senate Candidate Elizabeth Warren speaks to Chicopee at-large City Councilor Robert Zygarowski (WMassP&I)

US Senate Candidate Elizabeth Warren greets Longmeadow Democratic Town Cmte. Chair Candy Glazer as Holyoke Mayor Alex Morse and Chicopee at-large School Committee Member Mike Pise look on. (WMassP&I)

US Senate Candidate Elizabeth Warren, Sheriff Michael Ashe and Springfield Mayor Domenic Sarno (WMassP&I)

Rep. Brian Ashe, Longmeadow Democratic Town Cmte. Chair Candy Glazer and Longmeadow School Committee Member Michael Clark (WMassP&I)

State Treasurer Steve Grossman and Springfield Ward 2 City Councilor Mike Fenton chat with Chicopee Ward 5 School Committee Member Deb Styckiewicz (WMassP&I)

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