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The Toughest Jury for a Seasoned Prosecutor? The Voters…

UPDATED 8/2/14: To reflect additional information about Vottero’s trial record as it relates to one of his endorsements. SPRINGFIELD—The race to be Hampden County’s next District Attorney has, as the candidates have become sharper in their presentations and platform, broken away from major ideological fault

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Briefings: Judge Not Lest Ye Be Bonded…

Minor tremors of political news in the Pioneer Valley as District Attorney Mark Mastroianni finally received US Senate confirmation as a US District Court Judge. Meanwhile, the Springfield City Council advanced bonding authorization to clear out a deficit for the construction of the new Putnam

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Briefings: Inching Towards Federal Judgment…

The United States Senate Judiciary Committee has scheduled its hearing for the nomination of Hampden County District Attorney Mark Mastroianni for federal district court.  Next Tuesday, Mastroianni will appear in Washington for his date with destiny to discuss his nomination with members of the committee.

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Motion for Continuance in the Hampden County DA Race…

Four years ago at this time, Hampden County District Attorney William Bennet had already announced that his fifth term would be his last.  In the very Republican story heralding the end of the Bennett era, a few names including an assistant district attorney were mentioned.

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BREAKING: Mastroianni Named to Federal Bench…

Updated 5:25PM:Here is the White House release on the nomination. The Boston Globe is reporting that President Barack Obama has chosen Hampden County District Attorney Mark Mastroianni to the Springfield seat of Massachusetts US District Court.  The vacancy has existed since August 2011 when Judge

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Going on Offense on Crime…

With its capacity to capture headlines and late night news teasers, crime remains one of the troubles for which Springfield get plenty of attention.  Although the news can make the city appear to be a river of blood set against the din of incessant gunfire,