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Lederman Markey

Markey Grabs a Shovel to Help Bury Zombie Biomass Project…

UPDATED 2/22/21 10:09AM: To include a statement from DEP and to include comments from Sen. Warren’s office. SPRINGFIELD—United States Senator Ed Markey joined opponents of the ever-undead proposal to build a biomass power plant here to voice his support for stopping the project once and

Joe Kennedy

Our One Hundredth: He’ll Be There…Kennedy Assures at Launch…

Our One Hundredth is an occasional series on Massachusetts’s US Senate Elections. GREENFIELD—United States Representative Joseph Kennedy, III blitzed the commonwealth this past weekend as he launched his bid to unseat fellow Democrat Ed Markey in the US Senate. There is certainly a generational subtext

Markey Brings Green New Deal to the 413 for a Reboot…

NORTHAMPTON—United States Senator Ed Markey brought the Green New Deal to the 413 to build popular support for the proposals underlying goals. Markey introduced the ambitious climate manifesto alongside New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez earlier this year. Since then, it has started a conversation, but