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How Obama Got His Groove Back…

Pres. Obama (White House) It may be a little premature to announce that President Barack Obama has taken his self-described shellacking and turned it into a force of political and legislative nature.  However, with his tax deal with Republicans and the repeal of “Don’t Ask,

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Surveying the Wreckage: The Message from Obama…

Although it will probably not be the 11th, when most are reading this, we would like to take an opportunity to recognize that it is Veterans Day.  Unique among most federal holidays in that it does not float to the nearest Monday, Veterans Day was

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Surveying the Wreckage: Congress…

Nothing beats an election wave, if we want to call it that, than a tsunami of postmortems on the election itself.  And WMassP&I, never shy to mouth off, would be remiss to not join this cacophony.  The Republicans took 60+ seats in the House and