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State Rep Orlando Ramos

Orlando Ramos (via

Orlando Ramos (9th Hampden)

This Page is under reconstruction and may primarily reflect information from Councilor Ramos’ tenure on the Springfield City Council.

Phone: 413-221-3556
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: All Purpose
Twitter: All Purpose

First Elected to State House: 2020

First Elected to City Council: 2013
Education: UMASS-Amherst
Prior Work: District Director to Sen. James Welch, former union steward & carpenter
Prior Public Service: District Aide to Welch.
Other Elections:  Springfield Council Ward 8 2009 (l), Springfield Council Ward 8 2011 (l).
Political Distinctions: Member Ward 8 Democratic Committee

Poll of last contested election: City Council Ward 8 2013 general:

John Lysak 518 35%
Orlando Ramos* 948 65%
Write-in 3 <1%



City Council Ward 1 2011 general:

John Lysak* 1131 51%
Orlando Ramos 1088 49%
Write-in 3 <1%





Key Votes:

Biomass Repeal:        N/A
Police Oversight Board:    N/A
F.W. Webb Tax Financing    N/A
For Mayor’s FY2013 Budget: N/A
For Mayor’s FY 2014 Budget: N/A
Limiting Residency Ordinance Waivers: N/A
Pawn shops regulations: Yes

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Orlando Ramos was interviewed by WMassP&I during the 2013 campaign

Political note: Try, try, try again.  After John Lysak bested him in two previous bids for Ward 8’s Council seat, Ramos finally won by a convincing margin, even amidst the low-turnout affair the 2013 election was.  Generously soft-spoke or more harshly  not charismatic, Ramos’ 2013 victory has been described as the fruits of an intense effort on his part (and a few missteps on Lysak’s) rather than relying on the political backers he has been accused of bowing to, who wrote off the three-time candidate’s latest bid.  If true, then Ramos should feel  the freedom to truly represent the ward above any establishment interest.  Indeed, Ramos signed on as a sponsor of the ordinance to revive the Police Commission, something Mayor Domenic Sarno opposes vehemently.  On the License Commission, he also opposed Sarno’s bid to close bars an hour early in the city. But talk of his loyalties to North End figures like Herbie Flores et al, are fundamentally speculation.  Clearly he is close to his employer Senator James Welch, who represents 2/3 of the city including, starting in 2013, Ramos himself.  Ramos also has friends in high places among labor.  A former Union Carpenter, Ramos received accolades from his former brothers in labor and high praise in particular from Local 108’s Jason Garand, suggesting if Ramos breaks away from his critics assumptions he may be worth keeping an eye on.

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