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Committee Member Denise Hurst

Committee Member Denise Hurst (Springfield Pubilc Schools)

Denise Hurst (at-large)

Phone: 413-330-1030
Email: [email protected]
Website: Office/ Campaign
Facebook: Campaign

First Elected: 2003
Education: UMass-Amherst (B.A.), Springfield College (M.S.W.)
Work: Case Management Supervisor, Mass Dept. of Mental Health.
Prior Public Service: None-known
Other Elections: None.
Political Distinctions: No known political affiliations.
Poll of last contested election: School Committee At-large (2 Seats on Ballot) 2009 general:
Note: Uncontested Race Included for Reference

Denise Hurst* 11271 49%
Antonette Pepe* 12278 51%
Write-in 165 <1%





Key Votes:
Condoms in Schools: Yes
School Superintendent Vote 2012: Jesus Jara

Political Note: The daughter-in-law to the prominent Hurst family, Denise Hurst joined the same body on which her mother-in-law, Marjorie, once served.  The family includes her father-in-law Fred Hurst, the head of the Afro-American Point of View newspaper and her husband, Justin, a candidate for City Council in 2011.  The Hursts are well-connected politically, which may have contributed to her and Pepe’s unopposed race in 2009.  The Hursts are also allies of Mayor Domenic Sarno, but on the School Commitee, at least, Denise Hurst appears to be her own woman, splitting with the mayor on Daniel Warwick’s appointment as superintendent.

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