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Councilor Justin Hurst

Councilor Just Hurst (via Facebook/Hurst campaign)

Justin Hurst (at-large)


Phone: 413-783-2485
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: Apparent All Purpose
Twitter: All purpose

First Elected: 2013
Committees: Young Professionals (ad hoc), Chair; General Gov’t; Public Safety; Special Permits.
Education: University of Virginia (B.A); Western New England (J.D.)
Work: Real estate
Family: Married
Prior Public Service: None
Other Elections:  Springfield City Council 2011
Political Distinctions: Democrat.  No memberships.

Poll of last contested elections: City Council At-large (5 seats on ballot) 2013 general

Thomas Ashe* 5547 14.4%
Joshua Carpenter 1538 4.0%
Ernesto Cruz 3765 9.8%
Jeffrey Donnelly 2025 5.2%
James Ferrera 5445 11.8%
Justin Hurst* 5903 15.3%
Timothy Rooke* 4830 12.5%
Kateri Walsh* 4882 12.6%
Bud Williams* 5465 14.2%
Write-in 116 0.3%

More than 19,500 blanks recorded


City Council At-large (5 seats on ballot) 2011 general

Thomas Ashe* 10963 14.7%
James J. Ferrera* 9048 12.1%
Joseph Fountain 4794 6.4%
Justin Hurst 7391 9.9%
Amaad Rivera 5553 7.5%
Timothy Rooke* 9509 12.8%
Charles Rucks 5063 6.8%
Miguel Soto 4377 5.9%
Kateri Walsh* 9111 12.2%
Bud Williams* 8506 11.4%
Write-in 212 0.3%

More than 28,000 blanks recorded



Key Votes:

Biomass Repeal:        N/A
Police Oversight Board:    N/A
For Mayor’s FY2013 Budget: N/A
For Mayor’s FY2014 Budget: N/A
Tightening Residency Ordinance Waivers: N/A
Pawn shop regulations: Yes

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Justin Hurst was interviewed by WMassP&I during the 2013 campaign.

Political Note: The scion of one of the city’s prominent black political families, one which also owns an influential paper that caters to the region’s African-American residents, Hurst’s 2013 campaign heavily retooled from his 2011.  As a result, he catapulted to the top vote-getting spot in the 2013 election, surprising even some of his strongest supporters.  Hurst built his campaign on the premise that the city needs to retain more young families like his.  The campaign took place amidst a protracted battle for the School Committee during the same election which would decide the fate of his wife’s seat on that body.  Both Justin and wife Denise prevailed.  The campaign also featured a few sharp elbows exchanged between Hurst and Bud Williams, perhaps emblematic of the younger generation’s desire to get out from the last one’s shadow.  Hurst landed himself in trouble early on in his tenure when he seemingly announced opposition to a Police Commission, although he sought to contain any long-term damage by qualifying his position.  Some observers see Hurst as merely the next generation of his family’s would-be political dynasty.  However, the nature and impact of his 2013 win suggest he (and his wife) could and would be a far more important figure than Rick and Marjorie Hurst ever were if he so chooses.

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