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Committee Member Christopher Collins

Committee Member Christopher Collins

Christopher Collins (District 3/Wards 6 & 7)

Phone: 413-732-5777
Email: [email protected]
Website: Office

First Elected: 2007
Education: Westfield State University (B.S., M.S.)
Work: Retired School Principle
Prior Public Service: Current Chair of Conservation Commission, former member of Public Employee Commission.
Other Elections: None.
Political Distinctions: Member, Ward 6 Democratic Committee
Poll of last contested election: School Committee District 3 2009 general:

Christopher Collins* 4571 69%
Orlando Santiago* 2049 31%
Write-in 11 <1%





Key Votes:
Condoms in Schools: Yes
School Superintendent Vote 2012: Daniel Warwick

Political Note:  A retired school principal, he along with Antonette Pepe were the only two holdovers of the old School Committee when it was revamped along with the City Council.  Like Pepe, his four year term he was elected to in 2007 was cut short due to the rehab of the Committee.  New elections were ordered for all Committee members, instead of staggering them as had been the practice before.  Collin’s brother, Timothy, is the head of the Springfield Education Association, although upon his election in 2007, Collins said that he and his brother vehemently disagree about education policy, suggesting a distance between himself and the bearded union president.  Whether due to tenure or his family connections, Collins is also one of the Committee most politically savvy and connected members, although it is unclear how that plays out with School Department business.  Nevertheless, as Chair of the Conservation Commission, he appears to take seriously the impacts some developments have on neighborhoods and the environment.

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