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This Ain’t Kansas, Toto, but…

Yesterday, as many of you already know two or more tornadoes descended onto the Greater Springfield area yesterday around 430 pm.  The path of the tornadoes although fairly clear did not distribute the damage evenly.  Some neighborhoods in Springfield, West Springfield and Monson, the communities

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You Must Concede This Much…

Mayor Domenic Sarno (WMassP&I) Springfield Mayor Domenic Sarno held a somber press conference today announcing that he and his staff were close to recommending a balanced budget to the City Council save for one pesky $5.4 million gap.  To plug it, the mayor is seeking

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The Year in Springfield 2010…

So comes again another year the wide world of Springfield.  As is tradition, WMassP&I will recount the events and news that made 2010 different from 1876 in Springfield.  As both a city and as one of 351 parts of Massachusetts, Springfield saw its share of ups and

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Where There’s a Way, There’s a Means…

 *Update, WMassP&I has learned the Democratic Caucus has rejected Neal’s recommendation from a steering committee.  Sander Levin will be the ranking member on Ways and Means. Western Mass Politics & Insight has learned that Cong. Richard Neal of Springfield has cleared a major hurdle to

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Take My Council, Please: Trash Talkin’…

(WmassP&I) Welcome to a new series on Western Mass Politics & Insight.  “Take My Council, Please,” will be a series on the Springfield City Council.  Whenever possible, we will give you news and analysis from City Council meetings plus interviews and updates.  The meeting for

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Surveying the Wreckage: The View from Beacon Hill…

Gustave Dore’s The Enigma More than two weeks from the election, here in Massachusetts too, bodies litter the political battlefield.  Their stricken bodies lay there, teeth still gnashed, fists clenched, and determined scowls plastered to their faces.  While more than a few Democrats add to