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Springfield Mayoral Debate

Springfield Mayoral Hopefuls Do Battle in Mason Square Showdown…

With barely three weeks until the preliminary on September 12, the candidates for mayor of Springfield have begun to face off in formal settings. This month, therapist David Ciampi, at-large Councilor Justin Hurst, Council President Jesse Lederman and State Rep Orlando Ramos have the chance to challenge the mayor to his face.

Lederman TV

Briefings: And Lederman Makes Three Mayoral Candidates on Your TV…

Four weeks before E-day yet another candidate for mayor of Springfield is going on television. City Council President Jesse Lederman has purchased ad time on WWLP, the more-watched of the region’s two major broadcast stations, with more buys expected. His WWLP run follows City Councilor

Springfield City Hall

May the Springfield Mayoral Campaign Finance Reports Be with You…

Patterns that began to emerge in April campaign finance reports for the Springfield mayoral race came into clearer focus in May. Incumbent Domenic Sarno took back the top fundraiser spot, but his monster spending put him into a deficit while two of his challengers kept building their reserves.