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Analysis: A Formula for Seriously Challenging the Dean…?

UPDATED 11:25AM: To include additional details and to reflect a correction. Tsongas and Clark are 4th & 5th women to represent Mass. in the House, not 5th and 6th. It turns out voters in Western Massachusetts shall not go without their own fun in 2018. 

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Briefings: Neal Set to Back Sarno Part IV…

The reelection campaign of Springfield Mayor Domenic Sarno announced in a release today that Congressman Richard Neal would endorse the incumbent in his quest for a second four-year term and fourth overall. Even if the timing is a tad early, the endorsement says something more about the state of

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Briefings: It’s Senator Warren, Neal’s Number 1…

UPDATED 1/4/13 4:01PM: Link to WBUR updated. Standing alongside several of her new colleagues and in front of her all, too, temporary seatmate, John Kerry, Elizabeth Warren was sworn in today as Massachusetts’s newest US Senator.  Vice-President Joseph Biden, the official presiding officer of the

The Primary Concerns: Neal Prevails, Gentile Surges…

Last night we had both surprises and the opposite of that in the same night.  The surprises were by turns disappointing and interesting. As the campaign dragged on, it became increasingly clear that Congressman Richard Neal would win.  The question was really what would the

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The Primary Numbers: 1st Congressional District…

Reapportionment left Massachusetts in the lurch, losing one congressional district.  The cramming together of 10 congressional districts into 9 ultimately led to Western Massachusetts taking the hit after evading the redistricting knife the past.  Stitching Chicopee, Holyoke, Pittsfield, Springfield and Westfield together into the new

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What’s “Left” to the Primary…

The odds are not one to deter Andrea Nuciforo.  In 1996 he was disfavored to win the Democratic nomination for Berkshire County’s senate district.  Jane Swift had left the Senate seat open to challenge, ironically enough, John Olver.  A clown car of candidates stormed both

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Go West, My Congressman…

PITTSFIELD—In the aftermath of redistricting, eight incumbent Congressmen are vying for nine seats.  Therefore, in much of Massachusetts, voters will probably have the same representative as before and if not, it is only because their incumbent was shifted elsewhere.  In Berkshire County that is not

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ICYMI: Clams and Politicians Come to Bake…

Politicians of all stripes came out Wednesday for Hampden County Sheriff Michael Ashe’s Annual Clambake. The event was held at the Elks Lodge on Tiffany Street in Springfield, a change from its normal location at Six Flags in Agawam. Although according to attendees, it was