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Monthly Archives: August 2021

The 413’s Umbrella Labor Group Speaks on 2021 Municipal Races…

Overwhelmed first by hot vax summer and then the coronavirus encore, municipal elections in the region have not exactly take center stage. Into this relative quiet, the Western Mass Area Labor Federation, the umbrella group for labor in the Pioneer Valley, has announced its preferences in some of the most important contests.


Census Bureau Renders Its Judgment upon Western Mass…

Springfield bucked a local trend as its population grew a clip faster than much of the region. The Census Bureau released community-level data Thursday confirming the commonwealth’s growth principally happened in its east. Yet, the information still included some surprises. These both benefited and hurt Bay State localities reflecting both longer-term trends and how the coronavirus possibly warped results.

Ways & Means

DOJ U-Turn Puts Trump Taxes Nearly within Neal’s Grasp…

About two years after first filing suit to obtain Donald Trump’s taxes, the House Committee on Ways & Means may finally get them. Late last month, the US Department of Justice released a memo authorizing the Treasury Department to disclose six years of Trump returns to the Committee. This was a reversal from the prior administration, which, obviously, had no interest in having the records make a trip to Capitol Hill.