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Maura Healey

The State of the Commonwealth and the Healey Governorship One Year in…

BOSTON—Looking past criticisms of Beacon Hill inertia, Governor Maura Healey gave her first state of the commonwealth address feting the efforts of her administration since she took office. The speech looked ahead, including as soon as Thursday when Healey testified on her housing push. Its lookbacks to 2023, however, emphasized efforts Healey had undertaken on her own.

Prettyman Courthouse

Briefings: Trump Tax Case Scheduled for March Appellate Showdown…

The quest for Donald Trump’s tax returns will face its next test in March before a panel of federal appellate judges. Lawyers for Trump and the House Committee on Ways & Means will joust over the former’s appeal of a December district ruling that found the committee could review the records.

Richard Neal

Trump Judge Rules Trump Taxes Can Go to Neal’s Desk…

Slowly but surely the various branches of the United States government are lining up behind the disclosure of Donald Trump’s tax returns. On Tuesday, Judge Trevor McFadden, a federal judge in Washington, dismissed Trump’s claims to stop disclosure.

Ways & Means

DOJ U-Turn Puts Trump Taxes Nearly within Neal’s Grasp…

About two years after first filing suit to obtain Donald Trump’s taxes, the House Committee on Ways & Means may finally get them. Late last month, the US Department of Justice released a memo authorizing the Treasury Department to disclose six years of Trump returns to the Committee. This was a reversal from the prior administration, which, obviously, had no interest in having the records make a trip to Capitol Hill.


Take My Council, Please: It’s Fun to Vote for the Y-M-C-A…

SPRINGFIELD—The same night the City Council enacted a new rules for tax incentives, it turned one proposed break back. The moves on tax incremental financing (TIF) were unrelated and yet inextricably linked. A power struggle lay behind legitimate concerns about a TIF connected to the