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PHOTOS: Springfield at Protest, Marching for Its Lives…

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SPRINGFIELD—Protests are not foreign to the City of Homes. Indeed they have been a bit more frequent in the age of Donald Trump. However, the city has suffered from a weakened civic virtue has dimmed activism, certainly in comparison to smaller sibling cities up the Connecticut River like Northampton.

The collapsed engagement of and bridge between Springfield and its residents is a recipe for injustice. The beauty of the March for Our Lives is that it was not limited to mass shootings at well-to-do schools. It was not just Parkland students’ admonition to hear the cries of urban victims of gun violence.

Students rom Agawam, Springfield, Chicopee, East Longmeadow, Longmeadow and beyond crossed the traditional class and geographic barriers to organize Saturday’s march in Springfield.

A confluence of events—among them an elongated marching route, limited to the sidewalk—created a train of protest through the heart of the city and its most distinguishable features. They marched past sites in Springfield scarred by gun violence, the ghosts of which still haunt residents and ward off non-residents.

The Springfield March for Our Lives, populated by residents from throughout the region, seemed to dispel that for a moment.

Here are some of the images of Springfield in protest.

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