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WMassP&I Begins Guest Views Column…


In these tumultuous times, robust debate grounded in well-researched writing and opinions could not be more important. People are segmenting themselves off from each other via geography and media, frustrating our ability to solve problems.

While WMassP&I has tried to provide sharp and fact-based news, commentary and analysis, this blog has its limits. Rather than ignore them, WMassP&I is electing to open itself up to outside Commentary.

This blog will now welcome submissions on any topic of concern of some political concern to Western Massachusetts or statewide politics. The purpose of this endeavor is not rehash or continue longstanding fights already playing out in the political conversation. Rather, it is to add new voices, new angles or new information to the conversation.

WMassP&I will review submissions for grammar and clarity and facts presented in these articles will be vetted. Poorly argued or arguments insufficiently backed by reliable facts may face challenges or rejection during the editing process. Please keep submissions to under 800 words and include contact and biographical information.

The purpose of this is not to police opinions, but to demand a certain standard when using this blog’s platform. WMassP&I may not get it right every time, but we will try to evolve and improve with time.

WMassP&I of course retains the right to reject any submission with or without explanation. Given limited resources, immediacy of publication cannot be guaranteed and thus should be taken into consideration before any submission.

I hope that this will prompt additional thought and debate within our local, state and national communities. Please send submissions to [email protected] for consideration.

Matt Szafranski

Editor-in-chief, Western Mass Politics & Insight