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Briefings: Warren, Coffee, Springfield…

Sen. Warren (right) with voters in 2012 (WMassP&I)

Sen. Warren (right) with voters in 2012 (WMassP&I)

United States Senator Elizabeth Warren will be hosting constituents in downtown Springfield next week to discuss her plans for the upcoming year and meet with constituents to hear their concerns.

Warren maintain an office in the old Federal Building, now known simply at 1550 Main Street, in downtown Springfield, which still houses several federal offices even after the Courthouse relocated to the new building in State Street across from St. Michael’s Cathedral.  The office has two full-time staff members.

Warren, a Democrat and the state’s senior senator, has laid out an ambitious agenda for the next year focusing on pocketbook issues like expanding of Social Security, reinstating emergency unemployment benefits, improving college affordability, increasing investments in medical research and raising the federal minimum wage.  However, at this coffee hour next week, Warren, who proved to be a hit with voters on the campaign trail in 2012 as a first time candidate, wants to learn what is on her constituents’ agenda and bring it back to DC.

The coffee hour is scheduled for Wednesday, January 22 at 10:30.  It will be in the lobby of  1550 Main to accommodate more people.